Board of Directors & Staff

Two sections of the Arts Club’s gallery are bisected by a white wall. On each side, groups of visitors mingle with one another.


Ms. Laura Washington
Ms. Julia Langdon Antonatos
Vice President
Mr. Barbara Adelman
Igor DaCosta



Janine Mileaf

Executive Director & Chief Curator

Lucas Franco


Adam Mikos

Facilities & Gallery Manager

Charla Moseley

Dining Room & Catering Manager

David Merz

Administrative Assistant

James Lucchesi

Business Manager

Jenna Lyle

Programs Manager

Amelia Richey


Blake Ashby

Communications Fellow


Board of Directors


Ms. Barbara Adelman
Ms. Julia Langdon Antonatos
Ms. Heather Bilandic Black
Ms. Michelle BooneMr. Friedrich Burian
Ms. Virginia Gerst
Ms. Chandra Goldsmith Gray
Mr. Charles Mottier
Mr. Neil Ross
Mr. Lincoln Schatz
Ms. Robin Tebbe
Ms. Nada Andric
Mr. Dawoud Bey
Ms. Silvia Beltrametti
Ms. Suzette Bross Bulley
Ms. Wynne Delacoma
Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley
Ms. Helyn Goldenberg
Mr. Michael Halberstam
Mr. Rodney Lubeznik
Ms. Savi Pai
Ms. Alice Sabl
Ms. Laura Washington
Ms. Cynthia Winter
Ms. Kate Bensen
Ms. Heiji Choi Black
Ms. Allison Cuddy
Mr. Igor DaCosta
Ms. Sally Feder
Mr. Robert Feitler
Ms. Denise Gardner
Ms. Caryn Harris
Ms. Leslie Hindman
Mr. Edward Horner, Jr.
Mr. Alex Krikhaar
Mr. Dirk Lohan
Mr. Dale Pinkert
Mr. Richard Christiansen
Mr. Martin Zimmerman
Mr. Neal Zucker
Ms. Janine Mileaf (ex officio)

Honorary Board Members

Mr. Stanley M. Freehling
Ms. Helen Harvey Mills
Mr. Norman Perman
Mr. Patrick Shaw
Ms. Sophia Shaw