Kamrooz Aram’s Exhibition featured in The Provincetown Independent


The Provincetown Independent’s Abraham Storer discusses Kamorooz Aram’s experiences in Wellfleet and how they’re reflected in his current exhibition at The Arts Club. Read the full article here.

Posted May 12, 2022

Past Arts Club Artist Paola Cabal featured in Artillery Mag



Past Arts Club Garden Project artist, Paola Cabal, discusses her work with Steven Carrelli of Artillery Mag. Paola exhibited her work, What Means Light, in the Arts Club’s gardens late 2020.


Read the full article here.


Photos by Michael Tropea



Posted May 11, 2022

Event: Virtual Rue Shaw Lecture with Architectural Historian Beatriz Colomina

Event Date: June 13
Time: 6:45 pm
Location: The Arts Club of Chicago
Virtual Rue Shaw Lecture with Architectural Historian Beatriz Colomina

June 13, 2022 at 6:45 pm

A lecture connected to Kamrooz Aram’s Privacy, An Exhibition on view in The Arts Club’s galleries, this year’s Rue Shaw distinguished lecturer Beatriz Colomina discusses her current research. A prolific author and Princeton University professor, Dr. Colomina’s 1994 publication Privacy and Publicity: Architecture as Mass Media was deeply influential in Aram’s conception of his current exhibition. In this lecture for The Arts Club, she will discuss the transformation of privacy in the age of social media.
Complimentary virtual viewing
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Photo Credit: Ana Nance
Posted April 28, 2022

Event: Not Your Ordinary Clown Parade

Event Date: May 21
Time: 12:30 pm
Location: The Arts Club of Chicago
Not Your Ordinary Clown Parade
Saturday May 21 at 12:30 pm
In an installation at once humorous and grave, Artist Adrian Wong brings his ongoing engagement with the clown community to The Arts Club of Chicago’s garden. Large-scale, egg-shaped sculptures that feature clown facial designs populate the space. These works derive from Wong’s in-depth conversations with practitioners of the clowning arts, and his recognition of the complex identities that these performers occupy, many of whom are also military veterans. Jay-Jay the Clown, whose likeness is portrayed in the garden installation, marches annually with a troupe of clown performers in Wauconda, Illinois’ Memorial Day Parade. To commemorate Wong’s Garden Project and to bring the aforementioned complexities of identity in the work of clowning to the fore, Jay-Jay and compatriots come to The Arts Club for a contemplative march in memory of their fallen troupe members and others who lost their lives serving in the armed forces. Not your ordinary clown parade, they’ll don red noses in acknowledgement of their clown identities (but forego most other costume elements out of respect for the dead) traipsing up and down Ontario Street as well as through the club and its grounds with accompanying military salute and instruments. Join for a reception and conversation afterward.

Free and Open to All

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Posted April 28, 2022

‘Kamrooz Aram: Privacy, An Exhibition’ featured in ARTnews


Maximilíano Durón responds to Kamrooz Aram’s latest show at The Arts Club of Chicago.

Read the full article here.


Photos by Michael Tropea


Posted April 7, 2022