Event: Caroling in the Garden

Event Date: December 14
Time: 6:30 - 7:15
Location: the intersection of St. Clair and Ontario St.

Stroll past The Arts Club’s garden on a chilly evening for warming music. A quartet of local opera singers (Christina Pecce, Morgan Middleton, Justin Berkowitz, and Keanon Kyles) brings us a concert of interdenominational holiday and solstice carols as we safely and festively gather underneath the moonlight to commemorate the season.

Posted November 18, 2020

Event: Paola Cabal in Conversation with Janine Mileaf

Event Date: December 12
Time: 12:00

The exacting, durational activity performed by Paola Cabal to document the passing sun on The Arts Club’s brick façade for her garden project entitled What Means Light? facilitates an avenue of thought about the cultural meanings of light and darkness that have now come up against an intensified cultural context as the country faces a pandemic and calls for racial justice. Cabal expresses her questions in philosophical terms: “What means light? Since when has light been equated with virtue? Who will we be when the viral threat recedes? Who will we be in the wake of a ferocious wave of awakening to inequity? Who will get to the other side alive? By what means?” To observe is to understand, she further explains. And if Cabal’s thoughtful engagement attests to her powers of observation, then she evidences keen vision that guides our viewing and reflection.

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Posted November 16, 2020

Event: The Path Toward Racial Equity: Conversations in the Arts

Event Date: December 7
Time: 11:30

We gather arts practitioners and administrators for an exchange of ideas as we navigate the road to a more just and equitable cultural sphere. In the second of this ongoing series, leaders in their fields bring wisdom and insight to our virtual stage to discuss the crucial work that has already begun and what might be accomplished now and in the future. Cellist, pedagogue, and curator Seth Parker Woods, abstract artist Kellie Romany, and conceptual artist/activist Laurie Jo Reynolds will be in conversation, moderated by Arts Club Board President and Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Laura Washington.  Stay tuned following the program for a special discussion facilitated by The Arts Club’s Junior Member Ad Hoc Committee.


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*At the end of the q&a, I will invite the audience to turn on their video for a post-program discussion, lead by the Junior Members. If you’d like to be part of that, please sign up below (we can add more lines to this little table if we need).

Posted November 16, 2020

Event: Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. in Conversation with Aliza Nisenbaum

Event Date: January 14
Time: 6:00
The Arts Club’s fall exhibition Upkeep overlaps in topic with The Renaissance Society’s exhibition Nine Lives. Both group shows partake in the Feminist Art Coalition, a national initiative  to explore the nuances of what feminisms might mean today ( We bring together an artist from each exhibition to converse about areas of convergence or departure: Brooklyn-based photographer Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. (whose work appears in Upkeep), and NY-based painter Aliza Nisenbaum (showing in Nine Lives).
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Posted November 16, 2020

Laura Washington and Janine Mileaf Live on WBEZ

11:40 am

This Monday, Tune in to WBEZ’s daily talk show, Reset, to hear from newly elected Arts Club President Laura Washington and Executive Director & Chief Curator Janine Mileaf!   Reset begins at 11 am; Laura and Janine will be on with host Justin Kaufmann at 11:40 am.

Listen to the recording of the WBEZ live stream here.

Posted November 16, 2020