Past Exhibition

Richard Rezac: Glen Elder

15 March – 7 July 2018

The Arts Club of Chicago is proud to present Richard Rezac’s site-specific installation Glen Elder as the most recent work in our Garden Project series, opening on March 15th.

In Glen Elder, Rezac subtly eschews a trellis-like structure to disrupt the logic of a familiar form that cites both agricultural and sculptural practices. The structure, standing at 10-feet tall, is situated on a stone-like base in the center of the Garden, fanning out through additional posts and cast aluminum footings across the expanse of the Garden. The fundamental elements of the trellis reference Shaker-style fence construction; a model the artist first discovered while spending summers during his childhood and adolescence on his grandparent’s farm near Glen Elder, Kansas, inspiring the project’s title. Painted rails cross diagonally between the posts in an unfinished pattern that references Constantin Brancusi’s 1939 proposal for an Endless Column, a sculpture to proceed beyond sight lines into the sky on the shores of Lake Michigan. Together with the staggered posts, these rails provide an implied moiré effect. Altogether, the disparate references to delimiting and impossibly infinite forms imply an instability in the function of the fence itself, both that which encloses The Arts Club’s garden and Glen Elder as it demarcates sections of the space.


In parallel with Glen Elder, The Renaissance Society will be showing an exhibition of Rezac’s sculptural works past and present, entitled Address. Join us for this two-part tour led by the artist, and champagne toast beginning at The Renaissance Society in Hyde Park. You may arrange your own transportation between the venues, or a bus will depart from the Renaissance Society at 12:00 p.m. and return at 3 p.m.; seats are limited so please register in advance on The Renaissance Society’s website (


Richard Rezac (b. 1952, Lincoln, Nebraska) lives and works in Chicago. His sculptures have been exhibited recently at James Harris Gallery, Seattle (2017), the DePaul Art Museum, Chicago (2016), Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin (2015). In 2006 the Portland Art Museum hosted a solo exhibition of Rezac’s work. Rezac has received fellowship grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and the American Academy in Rome. He is an adjunct professor of Sculpture, Drawing, and Graduate Advising at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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