Honoring past Arts Club Presidents Stanley M. Freehling and Marilynn Alsdorf

We are deeply grieved to share the news of the passing of two esteemed members of The Arts Club, Mr. Stanley M. Freehling and Ms. Marilynn Alsdorf. Each served as a member of The Arts Club, guiding its institutional and artistic vision, for several years: Mr. Freehling was President for 24 years from 1981 to 2005, and Ms. Alsdorf followed as President from 2006–2011.

Both Mr. Freehling and Ms. Alsdorf served many cultural institutions throughout the city of Chicago, supporting the arts and culture with generous and fearless patronage to keep the city on the cutting edge. We honor their insight and love for culture through the Alsdorf-Freehling fund, an annual lecture fund which supports ambitious programming at The Arts Club.

Posted September 26, 2019
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