Sunrise to Sunset live stream of Paola Cabal’s What Means Light

Tune in live any time from 5:42 am – 5:28 pm

YouTube Live Link:

Paola Cabal’s installation for The Arts Club of Chicago begins with the observation of light. A series of reflective and illuminated towers portray the visible shifts in the garden’s light and color spectrum throughout the day. Over the course of 11 hours in the spring of 2019, Cabal positioned herself on St. Clair street across from The Arts Club garden and recorded the passing sun on the brick façade. On alternate days, she set herself up in the interior and watched the same scene from the other side. Working in shifts from before sunrise, we re-enact that gesture in an all-daylight hours live stream of the movement of the sun across Cabal’s sculpture.

Posted November 16, 2020
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