The Path Toward Racial Equity: Conversations in the Arts

Event Date: December 7
Time: 11:30

We gather arts practitioners and administrators for an exchange of ideas as we navigate the road to a more just and equitable cultural sphere. In the second of this ongoing series, leaders in their fields bring wisdom and insight to our virtual stage to discuss the crucial work that has already begun and what might be accomplished now and in the future. Cellist, pedagogue, and curator Seth Parker Woods, abstract artist Kellie Romany, and conceptual artist/activist Laurie Jo Reynolds will be in conversation, moderated by Arts Club Board President and Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Laura Washington.  Stay tuned following the program for a special discussion facilitated by The Arts Club’s Junior Member Ad Hoc Committee.


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*At the end of the q&a, I will invite the audience to turn on their video for a post-program discussion, lead by the Junior Members. If you’d like to be part of that, please sign up below (we can add more lines to this little table if we need).

Posted November 16, 2020
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