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Late Works of Francis Picabia

Past exhibition

: Late Works of Francis Picabia

About the Exhibition

The Arts Club of Chicago is extremely honored to mount this selection of paintings by Francis Picabia. Picabia’s association with The Arts Club began in 1929, when Club President Rue Winterbotham Carpenter and Exhibitions Chairman Alice Roullier arranged a watercolor exhibition in collaboration with Marcel Duchamp, who was Picabia’s closest friend and sometimes dealer. A 1936 solo painting exhibition of Picabia organized by his good friend, Gertrude Stein, included the painting Homme et femme au bord de la mer (Man and Woman at the Sea Shore), which can be seen in the Arts Club exhibition.

This exhibition was organized with the support of Michael Werner and Gordon VeneKlasen. A published catalogue with an essay contribution by artist and critic David Robbins accompanied the exhibition.