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Big Fluxus Show (Name tbd)


About the Program

Celebrating 30 years since the Fluxus Festival at The Arts Club of Chicago and 60 (+1) years of the Fluxus movement, The Arts Club teams up with Chicago’s contemporary Fluxus practitioners to interpret historical scores. Curated by Chris Reeves, Hannah Higgins, and Simon Anderson, this evening of performance features works by Ben Patterson, Mieko Shiomi, Alison Knowles, Charlotte Moorman, Dick Higgins, and George Brecht–interpreted by Alberto Aguilar, Dorothy Carlos, Jesse Malmed, Josh Rios, Lauren Sudbink, and Suspended Culture Collective.

Performance list:

  • Alberto Aguilar performing George Brecht’s Symphony No. 3 (1964)
  • Dorothy Carlos performing Charlotte Moorman’s 4’1.499” for a String Player, abridged version of John Cage’s 26’1’.1499” based on notation by Charlotte Moorman (1955/1965)
  • Jesse Malmed performing Dick Higgins’s Glasslass (1970)
  • Josh Rios performing Mieko Shiomi’s Spatial Poem No. 9 (1965–75)
  • Lauren Sudbrink performing Alison Knowles’ Tone Poem (1965)
  • Suspended Culture Collective—Carissa Pinckney, Jordan Brown, Kezia Waters, sun Lynn Hunter—performing Benjamin Patterson’s Lemons (1961)