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Soundwalk with JeeYeun Lee


About the Program

Artist JeeYeun Lee’s work focuses on the Indigenous and working class history of the area. In collaboration with Roman Susan Art Foundation, Lee’s work in progress, Shoreline, features an audio walk along the lakefront in which she contemplates this liminal space between land and water as simultaneously a public good, treaty violation, and strategy to suppress insurgence. The walk features audio recordings that incorporate treaties, lawsuits, traditional Korean folk songs, and Potawatomi language recordings by Kyle Malott, available to stream through a smartphone or a provided mp3 player. Following the walk, stay for a pop-up bar in the Mobile Makers Space.

Please bring your smartphone, downloaded with Lee’s soundwalk, and the appropriate earbuds or headphones. If you don’t use a smartphone, we have a few mp3 players and headsets on hand as backups.