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Tie Up: Block Party in the Garden with DJ Major Taylor


About the Program

For her Garden Project garden/ruinate, artist Eliza Myrie opens a gate to The Arts Club, hosting monthly gatherings within the transformed garden space. This series of programs, under the heading “Tie Up,” explores the nature of extended invitations, caring, community, and existence mediated by both built and imagined structures through conversation, sound, and poetry, among other things. Feel free to drop by and hang out. If you’re late to your plans later on, you can just let your friends know you got “tied up” hanging out in the garden.

On Saturday, celebrate the new season with a kickback in the Garden. DJ Major Taylor is spinning some reggae tunes, the gate is swinging open for all visitors, and some light refreshments are provided. Enjoy the project space for the new exhibition in the gallery when you stop on by!