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The 91st Exhibition of Visual Artist Members

Past exhibition

The 91st Exhibition of Visual Artist Members

About the Exhibition

The Arts Club’s Exhibition of Visual Artist Members is a beloved tradition that brings great pride and prestige to the institution and its membership. Following an inaugural exhibition of paintings by John Singer Sargent in 1916, the second exhibition ever mounted at The Arts Club was of work by our members. Although its structure has changed over the past century, the goal of the exhibition remains the same: to celebrate and showcase the creative efforts of our artist members across a range of media, styles, genres, and forms.

To continue The Arts Club’s tradition of showcasing a current and dynamic representation of our members’ practices, participants are asked to submit works completed within the past two years.

It is a remarkable accomplishment of the institution and its communities to have reached the 91st Artist Exhibition. We celebrate most sincerely our artist members’ capacity to thrive and to make new and exciting work through challenging times in our city and the world at large.

Exhibition Materials